Sunday, September 2, 2007

SGB Media Group was formed in 2006 by bass industry pundit Steve “Dude” Barr after 10 years in the musical instrument wholesale, distribution and retail industry as well as print media having been published in “Bassics” and “Vintage Guitar Magazines” and serving as the Associate Editor and Acting Editor In Chief of “Bass Frontiers Magazine” and was also a contributing writer to “The Vintage Guitar Price Guide”. He was also published as a live performance photographer with some of his photos appearing in numerous magazines and manufacturer catalogs such as Fender, Ludwig and Jackson and many artist websites.
Prior to his career in the music industry he served as the Founder, President and CEO of American Residential Appraisers based in Los Angeles with many branch offices located through out the Southwest Region as well as acted as the Operations Manager at his family’s Sable Ridge Vineyards multiple gold medal winning vineyard and winery producing some the world's most renowned Petite Syrah's, and Red Zinfandels in Sonoma County, CA. SGB Media Group is the parent, administrative arm of a consortium of smaller internet based companies serving narrowly defined, demographically targeted, market segments via several business models including affiliate marketing portal websites, blogs, virtual e-malls and direct to consumer shopping carts, discussion boards and eBay stores. His "Dudepit" online forum for bass guitar players has been receiving over 3 million visits per month for going on seven years.
He is a founder, sole owner and Executive Producer of "The School of Bass" located in Scottsdale, AZ and has designed three critically acclaimed limited edition series basses manufactured by Lakland Basses in Chicago, IL and is currently working on a coffee table book titled "The E. Scott Allen Collection" of over 1,200 rare and vintage guitars and basses which will be the first hardcover book published by SGB Media Group scheduled for printing in the fall of 2008. Barr is also an industry leader in the Affiliate Marketing Industry and maintains an advertiser client base of over 750 of the world's leading corporations through his Premium Value Club and Net Values Club channel networks and he is the host and moderator of “The Affilate Marketing Forum” syndicated on The Fast Pitch Network and writer of the syndicated weekly “Affiliate Marketing Publishers Report” as well as the informative ”Net Media Report” covering major online media events and news stories. He publishes over a dozen other weekly syndicated blogs and is in the formation stages of publishing the bass guitar E-Zine' "Rumble" slotted to debut in early 2008. SGB Media Group is based in Phoenix, AZ with future satellite offices planned to open in Century City, CA and in Manhattan, NY which will serve as the central publishing arm for all books, newsletters, blogs, print and & video ads for the consortium as well as independently owned publications.
SGB Media's Production Division can handle all your merchandising, branding, internet domain registration, website design and maintenance, setup and maintain discussion boards, organize and direct street teams, issue press releases and liaison with local print and broadcast media, venue management, backline rentals, ground transportation, security, private multimedia needs, legal and accounting services, catering, video production, site location and procurement luxury hotel, limousine, private jet and helicopter leasing and private residence rentals. A known sucker for a worthy cause Barr has aggressively sought out philanthropic and community based initiatives most especially in the medical research and music education fields and is an avid activist in the Family Caregivers Alliance lobbying tirelessly for legislative reform in this rapidly growing segment of our daily culture. He also is a proponent of and political commentator on the Transpartisanship movement which recognizes the existence and validity of many points of view, and advocates a constructive dialogue aimed at arriving at creative, integrated, and therefore, breakthrough solutions that meet the needs of all present. In practice, transpartisan solutions emerge out of a public conversation that moves beyond polarization. In this way it is possible to achieve the ideal of a democratic republic by integrating the values of a democracy -- freedom, equality, and a regard for the common good, with the values of a republic -- order, responsibility and security. Whatever you need. SGB Media Group is your one stop shop when rolling into Phoenix Call (623) 451-9660