Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MySpace to announce new ad platform

The MySpace business model continues to evolve, and today the social networking site is due to announce a new advertising platform to allow better targeting of MySpace members.
by Helen Leggatt

Targeting MySpace users is a “balance of what users say, what they do and what they say they do” said Fox Interactive’s executive vice president for production and technology, Adam Bain, in a New York Times article.

To that end, MySpace is introducing a new advertising platform called “SelfServe by MySpace” to be showcased the day before an expected Facebook announcement of a similar nature.

The system, to be announced tomorrow at ad:tech, will enable advertisers to purchase, create and analyze the performance of ads, much like Google AdWords except based on display, not text, ads. A number of targeting factors will be available including geographic, demographic, gender and previous ads they have responded to.

The completion of phase one of another new advertising platform, “HyperTargeting by MySpace” is due to be announced at ad:tech tomorrow. This system allows marketers to target the MySpace audience based on their interest groups and even their profile images.