Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SGB Media Group's 2008 Focus and Direction

Well, it was bound to happen I guess but there has been a recent upsurge in political infighting in the Phoenix adult service providers website scene this month and some significant splits and realignments among the key players. I was at the center of my own little battle as evidenced by the vacancies of the Senior Editor's position and the Tantra columnist's position on th e Erotomanina blog staff only proving once again the old adage of "you don't sleep where you eat". Well folks I not only slept where I ate but I proceeded to eat where I slept as well too. Ooops...fugging Russell!

Both positions are in the proccess of being negotiated with two more qualified individuals and Russell agrees! More as soon as negotiations are finalized.

I am in the final layout and design phase and hope to go live with the SwingingAZ social network by the end of the month and have decided to keep that one soley for the AZ swingers community and create four other niche social networks, one each for Escorts, Tantra, Fetishes as well as a vanilla dating site and hope to have all five adult social networks as well as The Dude Pit online and recruiting membership by the Ides of March. The second quarter will be devoted to getting the corporate structure firmly in place with the LLC filings, tax filings completed, SEO for the six networks and development of the SGB Media Group home website and restructuring of the sixteen syndicated blogs on Blogger.

Right about the things heat up out here in the desert I'll decide what I want to do with the parked domains like Vintagebass.com, Probasses.com and Bassportal.com. I may sell them off or develop them for resale purposes down the road or actually dip my toe back into the musical instrument retail industry just to piss a few jerks off who contine to toss rocks at my window for some indescretions now going on two years old. Then I can develop an additional six individual social networks to go along with The Dude Pit or other various instruments, develop the entire network for a year or so and sell it off as a complete publishing group group. I would then also develop alongside of those the BamCo musical instrument affiliate marketing network for retention after the sale of the music publishing arm.

That pretty much will take up the remainder of 2008 as far as major publications go bringing the total number of publishing vehicles to roughly thirty various websites, blogs and social networks. What do you think? Sounds like a plan to me but of course the directions will shift as new ideas and opportunities present themselves so who knows how closely this outline will be followed.

Stick around thoughm it should be a good year! The keywords for the year are: expansion, development, joomla, seo, niche social markets