Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Amanda Vega Consulting is described in many different ways depending on which of our customers or competitors you ask. Many know us as one of the oldest social media management providers in the country (since most of us are dinosaurs in the space and got our start at the first dotcoms ever managing chat rooms and forums – social media before it had it’s name.) Others will tell you that we are a public relations shop because our New York office has a knack for major coups in placement like “Oprah: and the “Today Show.” And many people think of us as an interactive agency, especially the big traditional ad agencies for whom we provide behind the scenes social media services. The truth is that Amanda Vega Consulting is a full-service marketing consultancy. We actually provide business consulting, web site development, search engine optimization, social media, marketing, advertising, and public relations services. But there’s something different here. We are consultants, not generalists

We do things a bit differently around here. We don’t fight over internal budgets between teams, and we don’t bonus people by department to feed that reality. We don’t assign newbies to any account, ever. We don’t chase the most profitable dollar in lieu of doing what’s best for the client. And we have successfully manage a team of over 200 in 15 countries and 4 languages making us truly global. Coined as the "anti-agency" by many, our team is truly a group of specialists in their fields. They work to provide clients with the best solutions to their business needs, even if it means recommending partner agencies or contractors. While we have no industry specific requirements, we do have some special affection for the luxury space, organics, alternative energ, pharmaceutical, anything teen and tween related, complex e-commerce companies, shoes (of course,) and an equal love for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups.

Our approach is a bit more abrasive than most firms – but it comes with tremendous results. Would you rather have fancy foam boards, or more revenue to your bottom line? At the end of the day, we service clients directly in the areas of PR, social media, and other online marketing and consulting. Half of our clients are also the top ad agencies of the world that appreciated the value of our interactive and social media expertise to plug us in behind the scenes to implement social media the right way. We believer there are advantages to our locations – NY is the best place to have a PR team to court national media. And there are advantages to our business model – hiring experts for each project to work with the core team gives you the best of breed everytime. And there is certainly value to having been here longer than most. 17 years in interactive is no joke, and it comes with a lot of knowledge (and a huge team of mommy bloggers and other SME’s all over the world that love us.) So come check it out. Read more here and on the blog. We welcome your banter and your partner – and we even welcome your dissent.

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