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PingGadget CEO Dennis Moulton: Interview - Technorati Blogging

PingGadget CEO Dennis Moulton: Interview

PingGadget LogoAfter seeing an ad for PingGadget on Facebook, a little research showed that this next generation microblogging platform was about to be launched in early 2010. Then, it was time to dig a little further to find out more from PingGadget's CEO, Dennis Moulton and the crew. Here is what happened after I pinged Dennis.

1.    PingGadget is a next generation microblogging platform. Tell us more. 

When I first learned of Twitter I sent them my resume along with the offer to pay for my own relocation and work for free.  I got no response.  My fascination with and excitement for the protocol was that it was the technology solution for a business opportunity I have always been interested in.  PingGadget was a business I originally started as a personal side project in 2006 while at Microsoft that ultimately failed. We had launched a Beta but it never really got off the ground. The original system was designed to give users the answer to the question "what's going on" but the technology vehicle by which they could consume and contribute was flawed. With the advent of microblogging and the momentum behind real-time web I saw the opportunity to apply this new technology solution.  PingGadget is a next generation microblogging platform in that it fully accommodates the usage scenario taking place today with microblogging platforms but also provides an easy way to parse the data in more useful ways.  At this point, we don't have a data problem we have a consumption opportunity.  PingGadget is next generation microblogging because it is expanding on the consumption opportunity. 

2.    What sets you apart from other microblogging platforms? 

We know the connection to people/other users is the most important as part of existing systems.  We understand this and plan on expanding there with features and functionality that applies best practice when it comes to things like the actual status update entry, then any subsequent dialogue it produces, as an example.  Beyond that we intend to provide users with a broad set of tools in which dialogue taking place can be made more useful. To us, this is the real opportunity behind real-time web and the one that should accelerate adoption and usage far beyond even it's current trajectory. We seek an even more informed world, which includes major events, topics, celebrities, and your various lists of today, but also information relative to a users static and dynamic interests.  That, we think, is powerful.  The one-to-many opportunity is in place now. Sure it works, but I'd like to think there is more to it for everyone else who doesn't have say 500+ followers.  I don't have anything to pedal or pitch, but sometimes I have something to say and I enjoy listening in. The protocol can help me in other ways so long as I have the right tools we want to make that easy for everyone and a natural part of the protocol.  The PingGadget technology solution is all about accommodating this and doing it in a dead simple way. 

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