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Social Media Job Opportunities Within Organizations

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Social media is becoming a major job opportunity within organizations. A recent search on the job boards showed an astounding 50+ job opportunities with the search term social media being used. As this trend continues there is an expectation that jobs will increase exponentially as the industry grows and develops. The jobs tend to fit within the marketing, advertising, or communication divisions within organizations. There is the possibility that social media will become its own department soon.

The most common job titles for social media positions within organizations are as follows:

Social Media Director
Social Media Strategist
Social Media Consultant
Community Manager
Director of Social Media
Media Marketing Manager
Social Media Analyst
Social Media Manager

*A complete list of current job titles within Social Media can be found on a wiki we created. The reference to the wiki can be found at the end of this blog.

The salary ranges vary considerable based on geographic locations, experience in the industry, educational degrees, previous job title, and many other criteria organizations are looking at when hiring a candidate. The typical organization currently has employees handling other aspects within the organization (such as marketing, advertising, corporate communications) or there is not currently anyone managing those needs. There are some innovative companies out there who have had departments created over the past 3-5 years for this area of concern for businesses. There is no denying that social media is becoming a major focus for large and small businesses as the economy forces organizations to change the way they market to potential and current customers.


The Social Media Directory- Wiki

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