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Alert- that’s THE word in reputation management!

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Alert- that’s THE word in reputation management!

January 5th, 2010 | Author: Unni

Alert, that’s the word, in today’s world of online reputation management.

At a time when your online reputation is so fragile and delicate that it can be handled and mishandled by anyone and everyone in the big bad world out there, it’s really important for you to keep alert and highly vigilant. Monitoring one’s own online reputation is thus accorded top priority by individuals and companies who have a public reputation worth managing and mismanaging as well.

Monitoring online reputation is in fact done with the help of some easy and useful online tools including google alerts and technorati among others. Let’s take a look at what these different tools do for us when in comes to monitoring online reputation:
Google Alerts: Setting google alerts is something that everyone who spends a considerable time online does, based on their interests and hobbies. Setting google alerts also helps you monitor your online reputation and at the same time keep track of what your rivals, competitors, peers and detractors are thinking or saying.
Technorati: The blogosphere has evolved to be a big thing. Lots of things are being thought and said there, by people who may or may not have something to do with you or your company. Technorati is one search engine that helps you keep track of what’s being written on blogs. If someone is bent on writing against you or your company, you can get to know it at the earliest through Technorati and then do the needful to repair the damages done. Technorati also helps you track photos, videos etc posted on blogs.
Trackur: Trackur is a new tool which helps you scour sites, blogs, video-hosting sites etc and thus track your name, company’s name or brand name. You can search for keywords and also filter searches to find keywords coupled with other words.
Monitor This: Monitor This, as a tool, lets you monitor results from 22 different search engines. Almost all the major search engines come under the scanner of Monitor This, a tool which is now widely used by people everywhere.
Keotag: Keotag makes available different search engines and helps you search for your keywords in the search engine(s) of your choice. Help is also rendered in subscribing to those results as an RSS feed or in saving them as OPML files.

With technology advancing so fast and with so many different tools coming to your aid, it’s as easy to salvage your online reputation as is for your adversary to mar it. Just keep alert, keep abreast of all these and much more in the offing and make it all tick as per your wishes. Your online reputation will be safe, unaffected and undamaged; this is our advice as experts in the field.


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