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How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page Community

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In March 30th, 2009, published a great article outlining the 5 successful elements of a fan page written by Samir Balwani.

Here is a summary of the article’s key  points:

Here are 5 suggestions which will help your Facebook Fan Page enjoy a larger following:


1.Network with other platforms.

  • A good example is Victoria Secret who pushes the traffic they get on their home page towards their Facebook fan page
  • Many companies expect their customers will find them automatically which is not true
  • Make it easy for your customer to find you


2. Make your Fan Page a Resource

  • For example, Dell has created a social media resource for small businesses. The page also offers deals and coupons


  • Cons ider offering a resource outside your normal demographic to attract new customers to your business

3. Create contests that include participation

  • Create contests which offer coupons can entice consumers to join
  • Sears did this, offering $10 coupons. If you click on the coupon, you are taken to a page where Sears collects your information and sends you information about coupons and deals
  • You can offer coupons, weekly deals and free shipping


4. Empower pre-existing pages

  • Coca-Cola fan page, created by two users who liked Coca-Cola,  has turned out to be the largest product page on Facebook

                  i.      Coke didn’t take over the page.  Instead it rewarded the users and brought them to Atlanta to see Coca-Cola’s facilities

                 ii.      Now the page has the blessing of the company

                iii.      The two users made a video, talking about the history of the page

  • Don’t take over unsanctioned pages.Instead reward consumer dedication

5. Target the proper demographic

  • Make sure the Facebook demographic matches your own
  • If your demographic isn’t in Facebook, you will have a hard time growing your Fan Page

In closing, creating a Facebook Fan page is simple.  To get it working really well however takes time and dedication.  It is unrealistic to think you can create a page and have an automatic huge following.

Build good content that is easy to share.  Let people know about it.  If you do this, your community will grow over time.


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