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21 Great Twitter Analytics Tools

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After the successful twitter Post like 52 cool Twitter Plugins for WordPress, 59 Twitter Mobile Apps, 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts, 27 Popular Twitter Acronyms and 110+ Best Twitter Tools. So today here we give you some details of 21 Great Twitter Analytics Tools, you can check the list below.

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1. 24oclocks – You can see your tweets displayed by the hour of the day.

2. GeoTwitterous – Enter a Twitter ID and this tool will display from where the people that particular person is following are in a global map.

3. My Tweet Map – This tool will show you the latest tweets from your friends on a map.

4. Quotably – With Quotably, you can check out any Twitter user’s conversations in a thread conversation style making it easier to follow. Extremely useful.

5. Sitevolume - Just like Alexa, this site will allow to see how many time a particular term has been used on Twitter, Digg, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr. You can add in multiple terms and see bar graphs comparing the terms.

6. Tweeterboard – An analytics service that provides information about popular Twitter users and popular links.

7. Tweetburner – Tweetburner gives you click stats for the links you posted in Twitter.

8. TwitBuzz – TwitBuzz is a service that follows the links, messages,and users on Twitter and displays them nicely on its site Digg-style.

9. TweetBeep – Just like Google Alerts, this service will send you an alert whenever your set keyword is mentioned on Twitter or when somebody link to your site.

10. a href=”” target=”_blank”>TwitGraph – This service provides graphs of your Twitter usage – tweets by day, top 5 words, top 5 links, and top replies.

11. Twitterlinkr - Shows you the popular links that people are posting in Twitter.

12. Twittermeter - You can use Twittermeter to see how frequently a word has been used on Twitter. You can also compare two or more words.

13. Twemes - Twemes follows Twitter public messages with particular tags to build a meme around a topic.

14. TweetStats – You can grab your Twitter stats including your tweet timeline, tweet per month, and tweet per hour.

15. TweetVolume – With this, you can check how many time a particular word appear on Twitter. You can compare upto five words and see the results in bar graphs.

16. TwitterLocal – This tool allows you to generate an RSS Feed of a filtered list of tweets from a certain area.

17. Tweetmeme – Displays popular topics on Twitter and those people talking about that topic.

18. Twist - This provides trends of what people are saying on Twitter just like Google Trends does for internet search words.

19. Twittermap – This tool displays the most recent public updates in the last 12 hours.

20. Twitt(url)y – This service tracks the most linked to urls on Twitter and display them Digg-style.

21. Wiiizzz - This service lists the audio tracks that have been listed to and shared on Twitter.

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