Monday, March 15, 2010

Social Network Guide - A List of Social Networks

A Guide to Social Networks

By Daniel Nations, Guide to Web Trends

Social Networks can be a great home on the web, can help you connect with people or reconnect with long-lost friends, and can even help your career by making business contacts. Social networks range from friends-based networks like Facebook and MySpace to music and movie networks like Flixster and Last.FM to business social networks like LinkedIn and XING.

  1. Social Networking Basics
  2. Facebook
  3. General and Friends-based Social Networks
  4. Movie and Music Social Networks
  5. Mobile Social Networks
  1. Pet Social Networks
  2. Hobby and Special Interest Social Networks
  3. Business Social Networks
  4. Reading and Books Social Networks

Social Networking Basics

What is a social network? Why should you join one? How can you get started with social networking? If you are new to the world of social networks, these articles will give you the basics.


It hasn't taken long for Facebook to become the most popular social network on the planet. With the multitude of Facebook applications extending its use and the ease of Facebook Connect to use as a login for various websites, Facebook has become our home on the web.

General and Friends-based Social Networks

General social networks do not focus on a particular topic or niche. Instead, they put the emphasis on staying connected to your friends and connecting with new people. These friends-based networks often allow you to join groups and connect with people who have similar interests.

Movie and Music Social Networks

Movie and music social networks focus on connecting people to others who enjoy similar interests in movies or music. They can be a great resource for finding more information about a movie you enjoyed, discovering new music by checking out the playlists of people with similar interests, or just kicking back and playing a movie trivia game.

Mobile Social Networks

Mobile users constitute one of the biggest areas of growth in the online market. A number of social networks have sprung up that cater to mobile users in order to better suit their needs. These social networks can be great for arranging impromptu meetings while out on the town.

Pet Social Networks

Did you think social networks were limited to humans? Many different social networks have sprung up devoted to our hairy, four-legged and sometimes slithering-on-their-stomach friends. These pet-based social networks are not only great for meeting other pet owners, but also can be an excellent resource if you are in dire need of finding adopters of a surprise litter.

Hobby and Special Interest Social Networks

Hobby and special interest social networks range from those devoted to biking or sports to those who focus on sharing car reviews or dispensing medical advice. They can be a great source of entertainment, information and a great place to go for advice.

Business Social Networks

Social networks aren't all about fun and games. Social networking in business goes back long before the Internet when use of the 'buddy system' could be the best way to find a job. Business social networks bring that buddy system into the digital age by allowing you to quickly and easily maintain a list of business contacts and make new business connections.

Reading and Books Social Networks

Just finished up with a great book and looking for something similar to read? Reading and book-based social networks can be a great place to find people who share your taste in books. They are a great way to get book reviews, let friends know what your are reading, recommend the latest book that blew you away, and simply share information about literature.

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