Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Econsultancy's Innovation Report for 11/09

The Innovation Report
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  1. The Innovation Report

    Topics: Affiliate Marketing, Business to Business, Ecommerce, and 7 more
    Download our Innovation Report to see examples of cutting edge tactics and innovative business models across the whole range of digital marketing disciplines, including online advertising, ecommerce, mobile, social media, and search. Companies featured in this report include Kiva, Lastminute.com, Dell and Photobox.
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  1. 65% of print and TV ads include a URL

    Topics: Ecommerce and Multichannel Marketing
    More marketers are adopting an integrated approach to their campaigns, with the majority now including web addresses in offline ads to drive customers to a website.
  2. Anatomy of a cross-platform campaign: How HBO Sports plugs Pacquiao-Margarito

    Topics: Multichannel Marketing and Online PR & Social Media
    Subscription-based cable companies have been among the most reluctant to go digital, both with their marketing campaigns and with their content. Keeping expensive TV shows and pay-per-view (PPV) events behind paywalls makes sense, but neglecting to promote that content via digital channels (run...
  3. Does the world need a social web browser?

    Topics: Content Management, Online PR & Social Media, Social Networks & Online Communities, and 2 more
    Move over Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. If a new browser startup backed by Netscape co-founder Mark Andreessen's VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, has its way, consumers will soon be surfing the internet in a far more social way.
  4. Drop.io: crashing the faux-cloud hype

    Topics: Business to Business, Content Management, and Strategy & Planning
    The cloud may be the future of computing, but that doesn't mean that users will always have sunny days ahead.
  5. Lessons from Apples social networking #fail with Ping

    Topics: Social Networks & Online Communities
    There are many things digital marketers can learn about customer engagement from Apple. How to launch and sustain your own social network is not one of them. Two months after the launch of Ping, Apples music social network is failing to resonate with users. (It's dead in the water, if you ask Fa...
  6. Online retailers need to improve measurement of profitability

    Topics: Ecommerce, Multichannel Marketing, and Strategy & Planning
    Just 18% of online retailers are measuring their website's profits on a daily or weekly basis, while 16% are not bothering to review customer satisfaction, according to a survey of e-commerce directors.
  7. Q&A: Aurora fashion's John Bovill on multichannel retail innovation

    Topics: Ecommerce and Multichannel Marketing
    Aurora fashion is best known for its high street brands, including Karen Millen, Oasis and Warehouse, with several hundred stores across the UK.