Monday, December 13, 2010

About Dixon World Charities

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via WikipediaAbout Dixon World Charities: "Dixon World Charities Mission Statement: Dixon World Charities, a partner of Dixon Golf, is an organization dedicated to helping charities and schools raise needed funds while providing it’s Independent Distributors with a comfortable living for their families. As we like to say, 'Have fun, give back, follow your passion and the monetary benefits will take care of themselves.'

The Amazing Dixon Golf Ball: Dixon Golf has created the world's first high-performance eco-friendly golf ball. Unlike other golf ball brands that use cheap heavy-metal pollutants like tungsten, lead, cobalt and zinc; or contain non-renewable synthetic materials and compounds, all balls manufactured by Dixon Golf are 'green' to the core. They are 100% recyclable and made from reprocessable materials. Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled material. With a 92% approval rating from the PGA Tour Partners Association, the Earth ball is no gimmick. Right now, through our program, you are able to provide $300 of Dixon eco-friendly golf balls for just $30. How?"
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