Saturday, December 18, 2010

Appbistro Blog, How Facebook Places Can Help Your Business

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...Image via WikipediaFor the past year or so, geo-location has been all the rage. Foursquare and Gowalla have swept the smartphone universe in the process.

What a simple concept: tell your friends that you’re at a specific location and get rewarded in the process.

Rewards, you say? Yes, rewards.

Some businesses give offers and coupons to visitors who “check-in” at their location, including the amazing order of chips, salsa and queso that I indulged in last week at Chili’s.

But where has Facebook been in all of this? Sure, you can post to Facebook from Foursquare, but why has the Social Network champion not been championing this concept?
Well, luckily you can stop asking that now, because Facebook released Facebook Places on August 19th.

This could be an incredible opportunity for those of you who admin a Facebook Fan Page. We at Appbistro hope you utilize this opportunity to it’s fullest. Here are two very important tips to help you seize the day.

Appbistro Blog, How Facebook Places Can Help Your Business
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