Thursday, December 23, 2010

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cloudtechGranted, cloud computing is a new technology and has a great many flaws. However without concentrating on the possible downsides, it’s worth considering the positives.

Using a cloud platform does hold a number of excellent advantages. These advantages are great as it means companies are taking on cloud computing for their internet presence as well as the infrastructure. Hosting companies are now looking at building more of there products around cloud platforms.

Scalability wise, there is no need to scramble a team to source, setup and then commission new hardware when you suddenly get a massive pick up of business. After a few weeks you don’t have to take your new hardware back out of service as demand has dropped off. Just sit back and relax instead and add and remove capacity as and when you see fit. Cloud computing has a pricing model which is based upon consumption. Thus companies only have to pay for what they have used, which is the downside with dedicated servers.

Implementation is easy, without the need to purchase extra hardware, software licenses or setup costs. A company can use a cloud computing solution for the fraction of the cost of an on-site solution. This streamlines your time and money by being able to have accurate forecasts of costs.

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Cloud Technology | SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources