Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MarketMeSuite Version 3

Remember, this is just a minute long, but there’s so many more features that we couldn’t put in the promo!
What’s else is new in version 3? Here’s just a few of the neat things coming!

* Choose your color! Hooray! We know you wanted it so it’s coming in V3 – pick whatever color you’d like to read your updates in!
* Dotted Tweets - a revolutionary way to organize your tweets into personal, business, team members, you engineer it however it works best for you
* Facebook Signatures - Similar to branding on Twitter, we’ve devised a way to get a link in all your comments on Facebook!
* Pane Revamp – Drag and drop panes!
* MeSigs – Similar to the popular “CoTags” you will soon be able to sign your tweet for team use!

Don’t have MarketMeSuite yet? Head on over to our pricing page to become one our thousands of happy users! Pricing is going to go up soon for new users so secure your copy today!

That reminds me of a funny tweet I once read: “Why is it that only drug dealers and application developers refer to their customers as users?” ;)

Here’s to a great 2011!

Check out the new MarketMeSuite Version 3!