Monday, April 11, 2011

Most Popular "Online-Offline Integration" Articles

14 Brilliant Examples Of Brands Using Interactive Offline Advertising (eConsultancy)
From billboards and storefronts to kiosks and catwalks, we're seeing traditional advertising space, such as television and outdoor display, evolving into digitally driven platforms, like connected TV and electric billboards. Here are 14 examples of where technology acts as the glue between digital and traditional advertising space.
Marrying The Mobile And In-Store Experience (1to1 Media)
Mobile is the glue that bonds online and brick-and-mortar operations, but many retailers are confused about where to start. They can follow the examples of handful of companies--Urban Outfitters and Best Buy are two--that are leading the way in creating interactive mobile experiences in their stores.
The Future Of Broadcast Is More Than Integrating Tweets Into Programming (Brian Solis)
For businesses and media properties, social media, geolocation, and tablets aren't going to save you. Thoughtfulness and empathy are the keys to unlock the gates that will lead you onto a new path of awareness. It's the steps you take that reveal how to earn relevance within each medium that captivates your consumers.
HOW TO: Sync Your Online And Offline Marketing Campaigns (Mashable)
The online and offline worlds play off of each other in multiple ways; the approach we take to weave them together depends on the story we are trying to tell. It is the job of brands to make sure their fans walk into any experience fully aware of all the ways to extend the reach of the spot they're standing in.
How To Use QR Codes for Event Marketing (Mashable)
QR codes should direct users to a mobile-optimized Web page with functionality tailored to your audience and application. Following are recommendations based on what one company in the space has seen achieve the highest engagement. Note the recurring themes.
How Dannon Cultured Multichannel Marketing (
Dannon has made a concerted effort to create an environment that can seamlessly integrate both offline and online marketing into campaigns that are agnostic to type of communications channel. It's not easy, but it's worth it.
What Do TV-Social Media Multitaskers Talk About? (eMarketer)
While annual live-TV events, like the Oscars, inspired a great deal of passion among some viewers, broadcast and cable networks are turning their sights on the buzz generated before, during and after their regular weekly programming.
Web And Other Options Are Shaking Up How We Watch TV (USA Today)
There's still wide disagreement over how many people will take to Web TV and how quickly they'll do so. But most everyone agrees that the proliferation of broadband-enabled devices could lead to the biggest cord-cutting revolution in viewing habits since the advent of cable TV in the 1970s.
Online And Offline, It's All Real-Life Communication ( of Digital Agencies)
It seems inevitable that more consumers will soon spend more time online, blurring the lines between their online and offline lives. That means brands must become an essential part of users' social media experience, creating a new habit that will become part of a person's daily social media routine.
Brands: Look For Viewers To Multitask During Super Bowl XLV (BizReport)
While watching the game, many were also expected to be texting, talking, checking stats, or even looking for highlight clips from a mobile device.



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