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Smart CMOs Tuning In To Smart TV (
The convergence of traditional TV and streaming Internet video is becoming a mainstream reality. Here's a look at how CMOs should prepare for the day when consumers watch more content from the Web than from a TV network.
3 Reasons Curation Is Here To Stay (ReadWriteWeb)
Curation is part of the DNA of the Web from its very origin, we have strong evidence that curation is at the beginning of the democratization process, and investors are providing the capital to ensure that this process continues.
Ads That Follow Customers Around The Web (MIT's Technology Review)
When customers see an online ad for a product they previously looked at on a different Web site, they've been retargeted. Making that happen is the business of companies like TellApart, whose founders came from Google, where they had both worked on AdWords and other advertising platforms.
Conversions: More Than Just Sales (
Although the term "conversion" is typically considered synonymous with sales, on the Web the concept covers plenty more--for example, a Facebook "like" or form completion. But no matter how you define conversions, the first step is, of course, getting them.
Facebook Paying Users For Ad Views: The Good, The Bad, And The Psychologically Ugly (Fast Company)
To date, no one has found a sure-fire solution to the online advertising Rubik's Cube. Squeezing users' attention for a cheap view is one way to go, but it's a dangerous game, inducing cheating, dependence, and a distaste for something they once loved.
Three Proven SEO Strategies For B2B (
How do you attract the search engine attention that brings in new customers and keeps the existing ones coming back? How do you optimize your site to lead an exodus of customers away from the competition and to your site? Here are a trio of strategies to make you stand out as the promised land for your client businesses.
A CMO's Social-Media Secret Weapon: The Sales Team (
Granted, CMOs and other marketing stakeholders working closely with sales executives to foster a culture of collaboration is often easier said than done, but the long-term ROI potential definitely makes this effort worthwhile.
Now To Sell Advertisers On Tablets (
Publishers are pretty confident that once they have some experience and competence on all kinds of platforms--iPad, Android and the Nook (which has been a big stealth seller of magazines)--that they will be able to show advertisers that a magazine is a magazine, even when it arrives wirelessly.
The Rise Of Tablet Computers (Los Angeles Times)
The era ushered in last year by Apple's iPad has upended the personal computing world. Retailers and manufacturers think tablet sales will outpace laptop sales in the U.S. as early as next year. And ads featuring tablets and smartphones have flooded the airwaves as manufacturers battle for a piece of the burgeoning tablet market.
The Value Proposition In Multichannel Retailing (McKinsey Quarterly)
Consumers love low prices, but retailers shouldn't overlook the way shoppers perceive value online and in stores, even for the most competitive product categories.

ASK THE HEADHUNTER: Your Resume: Is It Really Just Junk Mail? (
You work hard to put an edge on your company's products so they'll stand out from the competition. So why use a dull resume that gets buried among others when you're job hunting? No, that doesn't mean you should use salmon-colored paper or fancy borders on your resume doc. Don't make your resume another piece of junk mail. Fill it with substance.
NEWS: 60% Of Marketers To Increase Spend On Virtual Conferences (
In addition to finding that most providers and attendees like virtual events for trade shows, training sessions, networking, customer engagement, a new Unisfair survey uncovered some surprising findings.
INTERVIEW: A Conversation With 2010 CMO of the Year Finalist Nigel Dessau, AMD (
"The key to marketing is to understand that the market knows the answers; you just need to figure out the right questions. And to do that you need to listen to the market, and social media is a great way to do that," says AMD CMO Nigel Dessau, in an exclusive interview conducted by the CMO Journal and
NEED TO KNOW: The Marketing Teacher/Student Relationship (
Are there three simple lessons you can learn that will help you succeed as your company's chief marketer? How about we turn that 180 degrees: What three marketing lessons do you think CMOs have been responsible for teaching over the last few years? Gary Scheiner, chief creative officer at digital agency Rosetta, knows the answer, because he's been a good listener. In his recent article for, "3 Lessons CMOs Taught An Unlikely Student," Scheiner enumerates what he's picked up from years of conversations with leading CMOs. Teacher, get ready to be the student.
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