Friday, May 20, 2011

Top stories from The Social Customer on May 19, 2011

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Innovating the Customer Experience

Peter AuditoreBy Peter Auditore - Many companies think they can simply “silo bust” and force feed a collaborative culture and bam they get innovation. It doesn’t happen that way. Technology can be a key enabling platform especially for innovating the customer experience, but it is nothing without the innovators. Everyone is not an innovator, just like everyone is not an entrepreneur, but the two share similar characteristics.  » Continue...

What Customers Are Saying Online – Are You Listening?

Andy HanselmanBy Andy Hanselman - I found these interesting statistics on the Institute Of Customer Service website today. In a great article by Guy Stephens on customer relationships and social media he highlights even more evidence of the influence of social media on businesses today, particularly when it comes to customer service  » Continue...

Being Helpful To Customers Must Be For Profit!

Dave BrockBy Dave Brock - This creates confusion and lots of questions, “I’m accountable for selling my company’s products and services, how will I achieve my goals if I focus on being helpful to the customer?” “If we focus on being helpful to our customers and not pushing our products, how do we achieve our sales goals?”  » Continue...

PSEG Case Study: A Utility Changing Customer Experience Standards

Lou DuboisBy Lou Dubois - PSE&G, a regulated utility that delivers gas and electric service to more than 70 percent of New Jersey, is a great example of an energy company thinking innovatively in terms of customer experience. In short, the utility was looking to transform their customer care operations and improve the customer experience while also reducing the cost to serve, through technology innovation and process and via architecture simplification. Through a program launched in Spring 2009 called “iPower,” they’ve seen great results.  » Continue...

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