Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Map of My LinbkedIn Connections


I was able to create the above map of my LinkedIn connections. It was created using technology from InMaps.com


For over a decade InMaps’s has been meeting the critical needs of natural gas and electric utilities via our proprietary advanced geospatial solutions and proven products.

InMaps leverages GE Energy's Geospatial Asset Management's complementary products and solutions in order to deliver the highest value to its clients

In order to uphold our policy of delivering precisely what our customers need, the InMaps team always thinks outside the box and stays abreast of complementary products and solutions. When considering a complementary offering, we meticulously scrutinize and test it prior to making it available to our clients. GE Energy's Geospatial Asset Management products and solutions are the only complementary offerings that have received our hard won seal of approval to date.

InMaps is the GIS support team that will deliver exactly what you need-for years to come, on time and within budget. Contact us today to discuss your objectives and we will help you achieve them.

Smallworld 4 Product Suite // View details
State-of-the-art architecture propels the Smallworld 4 product suite applications into the next generation.

Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ // View details
This object-oriented, database-driven product provides a powerful architecture at the heart of many applications.

Smallworld Spatial Intelligence™// View details
This business analysis and decision support package provides mission-critical business, demographic, lifestyle and financial information on the desktop.

Smallworld Field Information System™ // View details
This system enables companies to take vital business information out of the office and into the field.

Smallworld Schematics Generator™ // View details
This product transforms complex geographic networks into compact, simplified schematics.

Enterprise Integration Tools // View details
The components in the Smallworld EAI Toolkit™ help developers build enterprise application integration connectors and adapters. Smallworld Business Integrator™ application enables information flow between Smallworld and ERP systems.

Smallworld Internet Application Server™ // View product details
This advanced spatial solution distributes your network information across the enterprise to any Internet-enabled device or desktop.

Engineering Management Products // View details
The flagship product in this portfolio is Smallworld Design Manager, supported by additional products that integrate with other key software applications in the utility, including work management systems, network analysis, customer information systems, and operations management.


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