Monday, June 27, 2011

Most Popular "Q2 2011" Articles

10 Great Expectations: What CEOs Want From Their CMOs (
CEOs have always held their CMOs to high standards, but in this day and age, marketing accountability has never been more intense. What does it take to please the boss?
10 Details CMOs Overlook (But Shouldn't) (
With so many issues on a CMO's plate, it's no wonder a few things slip by. Unfortunately, those under-the-radar issues can come screaming into view if not properly managed.
Marketing's Most Powerful Lever Remains Elusive (
Satisfaction has long been a measure of customer loyalty, but it alone doesn't explain why a customer becomes a raving advocate. And it doesn't really address what might attract a prospect to the brand in the first place. What does? Consumer connection.
The Data-Driven CMO (
The CMO is poised to become one of the most powerful positions within an organization. But for that to happen, CMOs must adopt data-driven skill sets, processes, and cultures, as well as smart technologies that harness data to keep pace with marketing complexity and exceed business objectives.
10 Ways Your Brand Can Be Meaningful (
Consumers want to feel they're part of something that makes the world a better place. Marketers who fail to realign their thinking and behavior in the pursuit of meaning will be quickly overtaken by those who do.
Multichannel Marketing Checklist (
When it comes to customer engagement, there is, of course, no single "multichannel silver bullet," but there are some key questions you can ask--the answers to which will put you on the right track for developing a sound multichannel marketing strategy.
5 Tips To Get Your CFO's Ear (
While no magical metric exists that will unlock the money chest--that varies depending on each company's goals and industry--the following five tips will help marketers get their messages through to the keepers of the coffers.
Digital Marketing's Midyear Reality Check (
Heading into 2011, there was no shortage of stories of what the new year had in store for digital marketers. Now, with 2011 nearly at its midpoint, it's time to check in on some of those predictions and see whether they are still on track--or going off in a different direction.
Using Digital To Revolutionize B2B Marketing (
At the end of the day, B2B marketers typically get overlooked and underappreciated. In many cases, they have to sell a complex product to a complex audience. Using some of the tools and techniques that markets have been using for sexy consumer products--but doing so in the context of the B2B sales funnel--can yield dramatic results.
The Future Of Group Buying And Social Commerce (
The success of companies like Groupon and LivingSocial in creating the $5-billion-a-year group-buying market has created considerable debate about the future of the space. For clues, it helps to recall the evolution of the online display advertising market. Insider

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