Friday, October 14, 2011 Guilty of Suppressing The Facts???

Ok now I'm pissed. I posted a question on about the legitimacy of start up fundraiser about 10 days ago because a cursory Google search on reveals a bunch of "scam" and "ripoff" posts out there on the internet. I go back to look for any replies and I saw that my post was moved away from the Kickstarter page to the "Troll" page and thus burying it from anyone who's asking questions about Kickstarter. Is this collusion?


No time for BS, Semantics or doubletalk is Kickstarter a scam or legit?

With the ever crowded start up market getting more and more congested it's getting harder to dial out the static and I'm advising/launching several start ups via bootstrap funding and one was going to do a fundraising initiative using Kickstarter. I did a cursory Google search and found a plethora of conflicting reports from singing their praises to calling out the villagers with torches.Google it and see. It's total BS and somebody's not telling the thruth.

Which is it?? Champions?? Scammers??
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81 viewers and no answers? PS to whomever marked this post as "trolling" I assure you that was not my intention. I have a major client wanting to do one of these fund raising campaigns and a basic Google search on Kickstarter pulls up pages of scam alert posts and I'm trying to get a bead on whether there is merit or not to these posts.Edit
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