Thursday, January 12, 2012

CMO Weekly Top Stories

Top-Level Domain Opportunity Awaits CMO Trailblazers (
With the three-month application window for new TLDs opening Thursday, CMOs have the chance to participate in a unique online marketing opportunity. But do they have the guts to try?

Digital Marketing In 2012: Predictions From 32 Industry Luminaries ( turned to its array of contributors, colleagues, and staff and asked them what they envision the new year will bring for the digital marketing world. From new shopping behavior, to making sense of big data, to social TV and a mobile majority, their range of answers is staggering.

Global Positioning: The Promise--And Pain--Of Multigeography Marketing (
The starting place for any global campaign is the message--that big idea capable of spanning media, geography, and customer segment. But crafting a position that is at once simple and resonant isn't easy; it's equal parts art and science.

8 Marketing Partnerships That Succeeded (iMedia Connection)
As these examples show, marketing co-operations can be powerful tools for companies looking to expand their digital horizons--providing businesses stay flexible and open to companies with which they might align.

In Hollywood's Clubby Culture, A Disney Marketer's Rapid Downfall (
Despite successful ad campaigns for films like "The Muppets" and "The Help," M T Carney, Walt Disney Studios' president of movie marketing, never found her footing.

The Leadership Resolutions That Work Best (Harvard Business Review)
Many resolutions work better in pairs--diet and exercise, for example. The same is true in developing your leadership skills. Following are pairs that, you'll notice, combine some kind of technical expertise with an interpersonal skill.

These Famous Brands Will Disappear In 2012 (Business Insider)
Kodak has been in trouble for years, of course, but it was intriguing that a survey about corporate reputations signaled the company's potential end before its lawyers did. So what other brands could be on the brink, and why?

A Star Is Born: Digital-Video Advertising Ready To Roll (
Representing the fastest-growing Internet ad format, marketers' enthusiasm about digital-video advertising is easy to understand. But as with any medium, video advertising is not without its challenges. This article provides an overview of the digital-advertising landscape.

Web Advertising's Master Auctioneers (Fortune)
Upstart AppNexus is holding its own with heavy hitters like Google in a booming field for online ads--the real-time auction. "AppNexus has taken a really interesting approach to this business," says one exec.

Report: Consumer Media Usage Across TV, Online, Mobile And Social (Nielsenwire)
Among the findings from Nielsen's State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report: Nearly four in five active Internet users visit social networks and blogs, and 51% of consumers are OK with advertising on their devices if it means they can access content for free.

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