Thursday, February 9, 2012

DotNetNuke's New Store Just Opened

I got this in tonight via email: We are very pleased to announce the next generation of the DotNetNuke Store is now open for business!

Formerly known as Snowcovered, the DotNetNuke Store has been totally re-designed to deliver a dramatically improved experience, making it faster and easier than ever to locate apps, extensions and website design templates for the DotNetNuke platform.

In addition to new branding, the Snowcovered site has been completely rewritten using the latest version of the DotNetNuke platform.  Along with improved navigation, menus and friendly URLS, site search has been upgraded making it faster and easier to find what you need - fast.
Simplified screens make it easier for vendors to create, edit and publish product listings, ensuring that products in the Store are the most current.  Vendors also have more extensive profile pages on the site, enhancing their marketing reach and increasing the visibility of their product reviews.

The DotNetNuke Store is accessible directly from your DotNetNuke site through a feature known as the DNN Extensions Catalog  (available with DNN 6.x). This direct access simplifies the process of shopping, purchasing and installing add-on capabilities by putting the large ecosystem of vendors and add-on solutions in the DNN Store at your fingertips.  Available upgrades for currently installed modules and designs (“skins”) are displayed through the Extensions Catalog interface, which makes keeping a site up-to-date simpler than ever before.