Monday, October 1, 2012

Feedburner Uncertainty and Feedblitz Alternative

There have been rumors floating around to the effect that Google plans on shutting down Feedburner RSS service. I find this hard to believe since it's such a great service used by so many but all signs are indicating that they will in fact discontinue it when the domain registration expires next year. They let the Japanese site go recently. In typical Google style they remain silent so since I now publish 45 blogs all using Feedburner RSS services I went out and found a viable alternative and have begun changing over my blogs a few at a time so I don't get caught short and have to do a mad rush. It's possible that doing this is premature and that they may not shut down service but the alternative I found, Feedblitz has a lot more features and even allows me to integrate my email newsletter campaign into their service, has better analytics, is user friendly (after a short learning curve) and very affordable aat $14.00/mo at my service level and well worth every penny. I can't believe I didn't flip over long ago to be honest with you so check it out and I think you'll agree this is the way to go!

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