Friday, January 3, 2014

eMail Marketing Tips from MediaPost

Facebook is facing a class-action lawsuit from users who claim that the company is profiting off of data gleaned from private messages. “On Monday, Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley filed suit against Facebook with the Northern District Court of California,” CNet reports. “The men accuse Facebook of scanning private messages with URLs in them ‘for purposes including but not limited to data mining and user profiling.’” ...Read the whole story
Direct Marketing News has implemented eCommera's Big Data solution DynamicAction to help make its marketing more targeted. The retailer, who is still in the middle of its busiest period, is using the tool to gather, and analyze third-party search and email data, as well as its own first-party purchase data. For instance, the company is now able to look at which products had high conversion rates, but low page-entry rates in order to redirect consumers to landing pages with high conversion rates. ...Read the whole story
Security experts are warning about a spam email campaign that appears to be coming from Discover. Discover card holders should beware emails that look like they are coming from the bank asking them to renew their account information. The emails are coming from addresses such as with the subject line "Please update your Discover Account". The links connect to phishing websites which are being used to steal customer data. ...Read the whole story
CBS News
MailDeck is a new app that has entered the crowded iPad email client arena. The free app is designed specifically for multiple users, knowing that sometimes people share iPads. It supports multiple profiles and lets users passcode protect their accounts, so that only the intended user can access the email. The tool lets users view their inboxes in varying ways and lets users turn emails into tasks. It also helps users manage attachments. The app currently supports Gmail and IMAP, but not POP or Microsoft Exchange. ...Read the whole story
New York Daily News
There is a spam virus going around the country today that tells recipients that they are due in a local court. Court officials warned about the virus after getting more than 100 complaints from citizens around the country. The emails claim to be from a clerk, informing the recipient that they are required to appear in court and use the names of legitimate law firms to make them seem real. ...Read the whole story
Displaying your email address publicly is a surefire way to get yourself onto the email lists of unsolicited senders. To help address the problem, Mashable has created a list of tips for releasing your email address publicly without having to give out the actual address. The tech blog suggests using phone numbers, Twitter accounts and form submissions among other ideas to give out your contact on your company's website without risking your email address ending up on a spam list. ...Read the whole story