Wednesday, December 26, 2007

IT News

Google's Problem Solving Year?[December 26, 2007] Viacom sued Google for $1 billion over YouTube copyright infringement in 2007, but both parties know the problem is is more likely to be solved by an engineer than a lawyer.

What Matters to IT in 2008?[December 26, 2007] CompTIA survey identifies the issues that are most important to tech workers in the 2008 election.

Mozilla Aims to Weave a New Web[December 26, 2007] It's still just an early-stage project, but a Mozilla effort to save user information online could be a game-changer.

Court Hands Google Setback in AdSense Case[December 26, 2007] The search leader faces infringement charges over it ad linking technology and other services.

IT Outlook: Less Confidence, But Plenty of Opportunities[December 26, 2007] While IT pros are showing some concern over prospects and the macroeconomic environment, IT staffing firms say it’s still a good time to be in IT.

Russia's Rival GPS System Nears Completion[December 26, 2007] The country successfully launched its last three satellites in a bid to compete with the U.S. global positioning system.

Dell Moves Into Storage Services[December 26, 2007] For the storage industry, 2007 may be looked back on as the year Dell got serious about storage.

Are You Violating BusyBox’s GPL Code?[December 21, 2007] With four legal suits filed already, enterprises should take care to make sure they don’t get added to the defendants list.

Stocks Rocket on RIM's Results[December 21, 2007] Better than expected results from Research in Motion and a cash infusion for Merrill Lynch put investors in a festive mood on Friday.

Malware Now Hiding As Google Toolbar Buttons[December 21, 2007] It looks like a Toolbar add-on. It installs like a Google app. But it's not a Google Toolbar button—it's malicious code pretending to be legit.