Thursday, December 27, 2007

Social Network News

Comment on Bebo Opens Developer Platform with Support for Facebook ...By Mashable’s 2008 Predictions: Mark’s... Networking Predictions Obviously Facebook isn’t going to be going anywhere, and with the new strategy of exporting their developer program to other networks, we could end up seeing quite a force to be reckoned with emerge out of the [… ...Comments for Mashable! - The... -

Broadband Mechanics announcement(s)By Marc Canter Its a social network designed excitely for basketball fans and goes further down the road of using PeopleAggregator as a malleable platform that can be customized to our customers requirements. 7. All of these networks - some of which ...Marc's Voice -

RightsAgent - Copyright Management Solutions for User Generated ...By Social Guy Subsequent releases will add further levels of control to the personal feed, provide additional support for more photo and video hosting platforms, allow publishers to syndicate their feed to social networks, and display relevant ...Social Networking Blog - SociableBlog... -

SAP Global Survey: Greece's Stefanos KaragosBy shel [social networking]. [social networking]. [a Facebook like special for Greek Universities students]. [most popular blogs platform after]. [Social bookmarking for Tech communities] ...-

First Hi5 Platform apps launch, using OpenSocial (not Facebook ...By Justin Smith Back in October, Hi5 became one of the first social networks after Facebook to announce platform plans. While initially the company planned to use its own set of APIs, in November Hi5 announced it would adopt the OpenSocial standard. ...Inside Facebook -