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SocialNetworkers and Bloggers

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By jeunelle on Apr 22, 2008 in Social Networkers | 6 Comments

Welcome to my 1st website about Social Networkers and Bloggers.

This website is brand new and obviously in it’s beginning stage with lots to come from topics ranging from Social Networking, Social Networkers, Bloggers and Web2.0

I encourage Social Networkers, Bloggers and anyone well versed on the topic of Web2.0 who would like to be featured in this website to provide their Links if you have an exceptional website that you want considered.

I cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be placed but the offer is open.

I will be placing a Forum in this website to bring some traffic and interest to the site.

Suggestions are also welcomed and if you have ideas on how this blog can be directed, I’m all ears.

I hope to see this blog become more user friendly or a small community of active participants.

The growth of this blog will depend on you and what you have to bring to the table.


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