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2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs

Galen De Young ( @GalenDY ) | B2B Social Media | August 28th, 2009

With all the micro-blogging, I’ve often wondered whether the number of bloggers who actually create original, substantial content is decreasing. Don’t get me wrong, you can create meaningful thought in 140 characters, but it’s a lot easier to write 140 characters (no matter how well crafted) than it is to consistently create original content for a blog. And that ease may have driven many to abandon blogging or not even consider blogging when there is a relatively easy way to start “blogging” on Twitter.

It’s been more than two years since anyone had tried to pull together a list of B2B marketing and sales blogs. Jon Miller of Marketo did it in early 2007. When we reviewed that list, we found a lot of those blogs were no longer active.

So we went searching…

And we found some really great B2B blogs. More than 200 of them. Hats off to all who made the list! Thanks for your continuing contribution.

In pulling this list together, blogs had to meet the following criteria:

    • The blog had to have recent posts

• The blog had to be active for at least three months
• If new, the blog had to already have a decent amount of relevant content
• The blog didn’t have to be entirely B2B, as long as the content was relevant to B2B
• If the blog had few recent posts, it needed to have substantial historical content

Although we spent a great deal of time, I’m sure we’ve missed some great blogs. Perhaps even some obvious ones. If you know of others, please let me know. We’ll review them for the above criteria and add them as appropriate.

If you want to import the 2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs into your RSS reader, here’s a link to the opml file: Right-click on the link and save the file, then import the file into your reader. Mac users, control-click and save.

We’ll update the list and the OPML file every month. If your blog is on the list, feel free to display a Top B2B Blogs badge on your site.

How do blogs get on the list? We’ll keep our eyes open for other B2B marketing and sales blogs that meet the criteria above and meaningful standards of writing quality, usability, design, and posting frequency. If you know of another’s blog that meets the above criteria and should be considered, please let us know via our contact form.

Special thanks to Mike Marn, who helped research and evaluate a tremendous number of blogs.

[Latest Update: December 14, 2009 — Now 231 B2B blogs!]

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  • Acquiring Minds — Robert Lesser blogs about lead generation
  • Anything Goes Marketing — Chad Horenfeldt on ways to improve your online marketing
  • Arketi B2B Marketing Minute — B2B marketing podcasts
  • Ask Enquiro — Search marketing news, tips, research from Gord Hotchkiss & colleagues
  • Ask Justin Hitt Blog — Good general sales tips and marketing advice
  • Aventi Group — Sridhar Ramanathan’s tips on driving revenue growth for tech firms
  • B2Bbloggers — Guest bloggers & aggregated B2B mktg blog posts from many sources
  • B2B Brand Debate — RiechesBaird and others on biz, brand & integrated marketing
  • B2B Email Marketing — Karen Gedney writes for ClickZ on business email marketing
  • B2B Ideas @ Work — Principals of the Atlanta agency blog on B2B marketing issues
  • B2B Insights Blog — Godfrey gives quick practical marketing information
  • B2B Lead Generation and Conversion — Dale Underwood’s lead conversion strategies
  • B2B International — B2B insights from a market research perspective
  • B2B Lead Generation Blog — Brian Carroll’s blog on B2B lead gen, and marketing
  • B2B Marketing – Open for Business — Pete Jakob’s ideas on improving marketing ROI
  • B2B Marketing — B2B marketing insights from Loredana Niculae
  • B2B Marketing — B2B marketing perspectives from the United Kingdom
  • B2B Marketing Confidential — Economic and technical issues in B2B marketing
  • B2B Marketing for Faster Sales Blog — Insights and intelligence from folks at
  • B2B Marketing POSTs — Laura Ramos on B2B in traditional and social media
  • B2B Marketing Blog — Proteus B2B’s insights, perspectives, strategies on B2B marketing
  • B2B Marketing News — The Arketi Group blogs on a wide range of B2B topics
  • B2B Marketing Online — The UK-based pub’s insights on B2B marketing issues
  • B2B Marketing ROI — Adam Blitzer blog about making your B2B marketing sexy
  • B2B Marketing Smarts — Susan Fantle’s “down to earth” help for B2B marketing efforts
  • B2B Marketing Zone — Aggregation site for B2B marketing articles and posts
  • B2B Memes — Tracks B2B media’s transformation from print to interactive media
  • B2B Online Marketing — Ben Hanna, on B2B issues, search & technology
  • B2B Rainmaker — Jim Logan takes an analytical but passionate approach to B2B selling
  • B2B Sales and Marketing Blog — ETI blogs on leads, sales, and marketing automation
  • B2B Sales & Marketing Knowledge — Ideas and best practices in B2B prof. services mktg.
  • B2B Selling Online — Sid Smith helps B2B businesses sell their stuff online
  • B2B SEO — Galen De Young on B2B search engine optimization
  • B2B Voices — Conversations of B2B PR pros, marketers & social media thought leaders
  • B2B Web Strategy — eMagine’s blogs about internet marketing strategies
  • B2Bad Marketing — Todd Ebert blogs on how to improve your B2B marketing
  • B2Blog — Dave J blogs about B2B marketing from the corporate side
  • Better Closer – Sales Improvement — Bill Rice’s tips and techniques to boost sales
  • BeRelevant! — Tamara Gielen’s postings on best practices in email marketing
  • Beyond — John Bottom and others for UK B2B firm Base One
  • Bill Hartzer — Bill Hartzer blogs about corporate website marketing, and seo
  • Biznology Blog — Mike Moran’s posts and videos on technology in B2B
  • Bizsolutionsplus — An eclectic but helpful collection of mktg, social media & other topics
  • Blog Marketing Journal — A how to on how to build, write, and market a business blog
  • Brain Vibe — B2B marketing with a social media emphasis
  • Brandeo — Keeping you up-to-date on marketing trends, ideas, strategies and solutions
  • Branding & Marketing — For those who want know more about marketing and branding
  • Branding Strategy Insider — Tom Asacker, Brad VanAuken, and Derrick Daye on branding
  • Briefings Direct Podcasts — Dana Gardner’s podcasts regarding information technology
  • Build a Sales Machine — Aaron Ross blogs about creating predictable revenue
  • Business Marketing Online — Daily B2B strategies and insights by Chris Rand
  • Business of Marketing and Branding — David Koopmans on mktg & branding for business
  • Buyer Persona Blog — Interesting examples of thinking like your prospect
  • Buzz Marketing For Technology — Paul Dunay’s opinions & ideas for B2B tech marketers
  • Carol Bentley — Copywriting and marketing tips
  • Chris Koch’s Blog — Technology sales and marketing strategy
  • CK’s Blog — Christina Kerley: Strategies, best practices, smart moves of today’s marketers
  • Content Marketing Today — Excellent advice on adjusting in “new media” times
  • Conversation Agent — Valeria Maltoni on social media and the role of the conversation
  • Create Value Innovation — Greg Krauska’s fresh thinking on today’s marketing
  • Customer Experience Matrix — Helping make the most of every customer interaction
  • Customer on the Edge — Matthew Johnson’s relevant customer insights
  • Customer Think — Customer-Centric Business Strategy
  • Customers Are Talking — How customers’ desires should impact the sales channel
  • Customers Rock — Becky Carroll on how to make your customer relations rock
  • Dance with Strangers — New Steps for New Marketers
  • Dave Stein — Commentary and perspectives on sales leadership
  • Deep Tech Dive — McClenahanBruer on tech marketing news, trends & insights
  • Demand Generation Blog — Silverpop on email, lead gen, and marketing automation
  • DemandGen — Tips and strategies to improve the ROI from B2B marketing
  • DemandBlog — Jason Stewart and Chris Golec on best practices in B2B demand gen
  • Dianna Huff’s B2B Marcom Writer Blog — Insights on everything B2B
  • Digital Body Language — Steve Wood’s advice on marketing and demand generation
  • Direct Connections — Direct response marketing for high-tech companies
  • Emergence Marketing — Francoise Gossieaux’s on the human elements of marketing
  • FC Experts — Blog from Fast Company where ideas and people meet
  • Fearless Competitor — Jeffrey Ogden on demand gen and conversion
  • Fill the Funnel — Tools, techniques and services that enhance sales productivity
  • Follow the Lead — ZoomInfo’s B2B sales & marketing blog
  • Freaking Marketing — Robert Rosenthall on marketing and lead gen tips
  • Funnelholic — Tips on generating and nurturing leads
  • Garth’s World — Garth Moulton on the life of a sales guy and other business tales
  • Gossamar — No BS bingo. Just the facts from B2B vets
  • Great B2B Marketing — Ryan’s parables and common sense deliver solid B2B advice
  • {grow} — Mark Schaefer’s journal of marketing solutions
  • Gyro:HSR — Perspectives on a wide range of B2B issues
  • Headlines from Floyd — Niel Sagebiel’s B2B copywriting tips with a dash of small-town flavor
  • Heat — 451 Marketing’s blog about B2B, lead gen, and new media
  • blog — For buyers, sellers & employers in the HR Marketplace
  • Hugo E. Martin — Tips re print & online media, PR & marketing [bilingual EN/DE]
  • Idea Sellers — Daniel Sitter gives you tips for selling your product and your ideas
  • Ian Brodie — Ian Brodie on selling and marketing professional services
  • Illuminating the Future — Britton Manasco on thought leadership and how to earn it
  • InboundMarketer — Maria Pergolino on CRM and virtual sales tools for B2B mktg
  • Industrial Search Engine Marketing — ecreativeworks on search marketing for industry
  • Inmedia Public Relations Inc. — Blog on the marketing of technology
  • Inside Sales Experts — Tips, techniques, models & metrics from the Bridge Group
  • Integrated Marcom Minute — Joan Damico on the B2B marcom mix
  • Intelligent Conversations — Mike Carroll helps sales team improve results
  • Inbound Internet Marketing Blog — HubSpot on SEO, social media, lead gen & analytics
  • Junta 42 Blog — Joe Pulizzi blogs about content marketing and custom publishing
  • Kahle Way — Dave Kahle on improving B2B sales effectiveness
  • Know New Marketing — Ken Pulverman on how to reduce cost and cycle times
  • KoMarketing Associates — Andy Komack and others on search marketing
  • Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog — Tips, techniques, and strategy to get new clients
  • Law Firm Web Strategy — Steve Matthews on web innovation in the legal marketplace
  • Leads Blog — Solid resource for list-building, lead generation, and follow-up tactics
  • LeadSloth — Tips on generating and nurturing leads with maximum efficiency
  • Life as a B2B Technology Marketer — Paul Woods on B2B mktg technology and services
  • Making a Difference — Dave Brock’s views, thoughts, opinions & observations
  • Manhattan Marketing Maven — Danny Flamberg’s tips for marketing and advertising
  • Market2Lead — Parsa and Joyce blog about marketing automation and lead nurturing
  • Marketbright — Pilcher and Bower on lead nurturing, marketing automation & selling
  • Marketfusions — Strategy, business, marketing & creativity thought from Shivonne Byrne
  • Marketing Conversation — New marketing & social media from Abraham & Harrison
  • Marketing Edge — Albert Maruggi and Michael Keliher’s podcasts on new media
  • The Marketing Eye — Marketing tactics, and how to make them work better
  • Marketing Experiments Blog — Helpful takes on using the web and social media
  • Marketing Finger — Andrew Spoeth on B2B marketing, social media & search
  • Marketing Fishbowl — Everything about marketing is in this blog by Gary David
  • Marketing in a Web 2.0 World — LaSandra Brill’s on B2B social media
  • Marketing Insights — Eloqua posts about the art and science of creating demand
  • Marketing Interactions — Ardath Albee on connecting process, people & content
  • Marketing Jive — The latest on SEO and SEM for B2B from Jody Nimetz
  • MarketingLand — B2B marketing tactics from Henri van den hoof [in Dutch]
  • Marketing MO — Process, tips and strategy for business marketers
  • Marketing Operations at Work — How to change the MO of marketing
  • Marketing Optimization — Pat McGraw’s common-sense tips & real-world examples
  • Marketing Productivity Blog — Moving from a low- to high-accountability business
  • Marketing Profs Daily Fix — MarketingProfs advice to the marketing professional
  • Marketing, Sales, & Anything Else — Ben Bradley re intersection of mktg, sales & technology
  • MarketingSavant — Dana VanDen Huevel on thought leadership, digital & social media
  • Marketing Shift — Commentary on a broad spectrum of marketing issues and tactics
  • Marketing Today Blog — Peter DeLegge on internet marketing, issues and trends
  • Marketing Voices — Jennifer Jones on social media and its effects
  • Marketing with Mike — Perspectives from Mike Volpe, HubSpot’s inbound marketing VP
  • Media Pace — B2B media and marketing issues
  • Michael Stelzner — Latest trends & techniques in writing and marketing white papers
  • Micro Persuasion — Steve Rubel on technologies for marketing and communications
  • Modern B2B Marketing —Marketo’s latest thinking about B2B marketing
  • My Educated Guess — Marketing answers for IT from Marilou Barsam
  • No Smoke and Mirrors — Mark Allen Roberts on serving, not selling, your market
  • One Riot – One Ranger — A discussion of interim management by Charles Besondy
  • Online Fluency — Robin Goodman blogs on the business impact of social networking
  • Online Marketing Blog — Top Rank’s blog on digital PR, social & search engine marketing
  • Out Of My Gord — Thoughts on search engine marketing for B2B from Gord Hotchkiss
  • Pardot Blog — Pardot blogs about marketing automation and email marketing
  • Paul Gillin — Writer and speaker Paul Gillin blogs about social media
  • Phil Lauterjung — Conversations on sales, marketing, and social media
  • Phoenix Rising — Rebel Brown’s strategies for transformation
  • PR 2.0 — Brian Solis brings together pr, social media and new media marketing
  • Prescott Shibles: B2B Digital Media — B2B internet marketing and media insight
  • Product Marketing — Eclectic but interesting insights on sales and marketing
  • Profitable Marketing — Using analytics and technology to improve business
  • Propelling Brands — Branding and marketing with an emphasis on technology
  • Ready Contacts — A relatively deep dive into leads and contact management
  • Red on Marketing — Research, insights, and ideas from Rebekah (Red) Donaldson
  • Rethinking Marketing and Branding — Ideas, strategy, and execution of marketing
  • Revenue Journal — Kristin Zhivago’s revenue increasing insights and techniques
  • Revenue Orchard — Ideas & musings on B2B Revenue growth
  • Rick Short — Perspectives & insights from the real-life, corporate side of B2B marcom
  • Ronbrauner — Ron Brauner offers helpful nuggets on a variety of marketing topics
  • Sales and Sales Management — Paul McCord on current sales and management issues
  • Sales Engine International — Sales 2.0 lead gen insight
  • Sales Gossip — Victor Cox on B2B sales tactics, jobs, interview skills & business news
  • Sales Lead Insights — M.H. “Mac” MacIntosh on B2B sales and marketing
  • Sales Lead Management Association — Clearinghouse for articles on handling leads
  • Sales Loudmouth — Tim Rohrer’s B2B selling insights and strategies
  • Sales Performance Improvement Blog — Michael Webb’s tips and techniques
  • Sales Team Tools — Sales tools and resources for selling in the 21st Century
  • SalesItch — Ed McLean blogs about everything sales
  • Savvy B2B Marketing — The “Savvy Sisters” on a wide range of marketing tactics
  • Sazbean — Sarah Worsham oninternet strategy, marketing, design, and technology
  • Schubert’s B2B Marketing Blog — Perspectives from Schubert Communications
  • ScoopDog’s Blog — Web 2.0 B2B mktg, agency-client relationships, trends, resources
  • Selling to Big Companies Blog — Jill Konrath’s guide for sellers seeking large clients
  • Servant of Chaos — A bit esoteric, but insights helpful to B2B can be gleaned.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog — Eclectic and not specifically B2B, but insights apply broadly
  • Sharon Drew Morgen — Covers a variety of B2B topics, focusing on buying faciliation
  • SherpaBlog — Marketing commentaries from Marketing Sherpa
  • Simplenomics — Strategies for sales, marketing and customers service
  • SiriusDecisions — Issues and ideas for impacting sales and marketing integration
  • Small Company Big Image — SMBs using new media to generate leads & grow companies
  • Smart Marketers — Forum on B2B marketing perspectives
  • Smashmouth Marketing — Mike Damphousse on marketing, demand & lead gen
  • SMB Marketing Blog — ActiveConversion’s blog about new gen B2B marketing
  • Social Media B2B — Solid examples and insights on using social media
  • Social Media Sonar — Sean Nelson on social media for SMB; great LinkedIn resource
  • Sowgro — Todd Miechiels’ ideas and views on B2B internet marketing
  • Startup Marketing — Sean Ellis explores keys to startup marketing success
  • Strategic Public Relations — Kevin Dugan on PR strategy and integrated marcom
  • Strictly Business — Search Engine Land’s weekly column on B2B search marketing
  • Stupid Marketing — Kevin Epstein on the mistakes made in the name of marketing
  • Sway — Barbara French on analyst and influencer relations
  • Tech Marketing Blog — Tom Jacobs on marcom for technology companies
  • The Science and Art of Selling — Alen Majer’s perspectives, strategies & tips on selling
  • The B2B Lead — The care and nurturing of sales leads
  • The Complex System — Jeff Solomon on lead mgmt., automation, strategy & methods
  • The Customer Collective — Aggregated B2B posts for sales and marketing execs
  • The Expertise Marketplace — Suzanne Lowe on marketing in the prof. services field
  • The Entrepreneurial Salesman — Colin Wilson’s strategies and tools for successful selling
  • The Innovative Marketer — The latest news from the demand gen industry
  • The Long Hello — Mark Eardley on making B2B marketing work for the bottom line
  • The Marketing Consigliere — Marketing automation & net-centric marketing technology
  • The Opinionated Marketers — Rogers and Whiteside on tech & product marketing
  • The Pipeline — Tibor Shanto on the profession, science, and art of sales
  • The Sales Blog — S. Anthony Iannarino’s thoughts on sales, marketing, and business
  • The Sales Operations Blog — Tips on the things that make the sales function work better
  • The Savvy Side of Internet Marketing — Swingley on internet marketing to B2B tech firms
  • The Science of Marketing — Suggestions for improving effectiveness of marketing tactics
  • The Social Media Marketing Blog — Scott Monty’s insights re the world of new marketing
  • The WebMarketCentral Blog — Tom Pick on B2B lead gen, the web & social media
  • Think eBiz —  Steven Harris thinks ebiz and B2B online marketing
  • Thinking Faster — Thoughtful posts on general business topics and issues
  • Top Sales Blog — Will Fultz on B2B selling
  • Turkel Talks — Bruce Turkel on managing and building brand value
  • Twenty Set — Monica O’Brien on new media. No explicit B2B emphasis.
  • Useful Arts — Dave Wieneke blogs about the legal issues involved in on-line marketing
  • VAZT Blog — B2B Content Marketing
  • Velocity — UK agency Velocity blogs about B2B marketing issues
  • Web Business Marketing Blog — Hans de Keulenaer on web-based technologies for B2B
  • Web Mamma’s Look at the Web — Barbara Coll’s thoughts on search engine marketing
  • What Works for Business — Daniel Kehrer offers ideas, trends, tactics and resources
  • What Works, What Doesn’t — Bob Scheier on blogging and other social media
  • What’s Working in Marketing? — Sharing expertise in technology and e-Marketing
  • White Paper Pundit — Jonathan Kantor’s views on this popular B2B medium
  • Writing on the Web — Patsi Krakoff on strategies for content marketing
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    • Galen, Wow! What a list! Thanks to you and Mike Marn for all the work putting this together.

      I’m honored that Sales Lead Insights ™ made the list!

      Mac McIntosh

      Comment by Mac McIntosh - The B2B Sales Lead Expert(tm) on August 28, 2009

    • Galen & Mike,

      Thanks for taking the time to publish the B2B blog list.

      It’s great to help build out the B2B community with efforts like this.

      P.S. Thanks so much for including my Acquiring Minds blog.

      Comment by Robert Lesser on August 29, 2009

    • Hi Galen and Mike,

      Thanks very much for this comprehensive list. Definitely bookmarked it immediately!

      And thanks very much for including my Marketing Interactions blog.

      I’d like to suggest the addition of Tom Pick’s Web Market Central blog:

      Comment by Ardath Albee on August 29, 2009

    • Hi, Ardath

      You had me worried for a minute there. It clearly would have been an omission to forget Tom’s blog, so I had to scan the list again. It was there, near the bottom…starts the “The WebMarket…”. Thanks for the comment and for tweeting the post. If you think of any others, please let me know.

      Have a great weekend!


      Comment by Galen De Young on August 29, 2009

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    • Fantastic list! I added a fair number of the blogs to my RSS list. Thanks for posting!

      Comment by Kimberly Yow on August 30, 2009

    • Hi Galen & Mike,

      Well done for pulling together such a comprehensive and high quality list – and glad that my blog sneaked in under the radar somehow!

      It’s one of the ironies of technology that we now have the technology to make our own, unique tailored lists of relevant blogs for us – but not the time to do so. You’ve really saved a lot of people a lot of time & research pain in producing this.



      Comment by Ian Brodie on August 30, 2009

    • Hi Galen,

      Whew! I always forget “The” with Tom’s blog. :-)


      Comment by Ardath Albee on August 30, 2009

    • Galen and Mike…thank you so much for including the Inside Sales Experts blog. We have learned so much from so many of the others you mention – it is an honor!

      Comment by trish bertuzzi on August 30, 2009

    • Wow. Nice work and thanks for including {grow}! This deserves a tweet!!

      Comment by Mark W Schaefer on August 30, 2009

    • 2009 Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs…

      Kudos for a great SEO article – Trackback from SEOKudos…

      Trackback by SEOKudos on August 30, 2009

    • Hi, Galen and Mike.

      Thanks for the shout-outs for Silverpop’s Demand Generation blog and for my personal Propelling Brands blog — both of which I write for.

      We’re honored to be part of this list — a great group of peers w/ great resources for B2B marketers.


      Comment by Adam Needles on August 31, 2009

    • Thanks Galen and Mike for including my blog in this great resource.

      Also wanted to let you know that we actually changed the URL so that we could talk even more about B2B marketing, we are now at (title is explained in the about).

      Thanks again, Kyle

      Comment by Kyle Flaherty on August 31, 2009

    • Thanks for the info, Kyle. We updated things.

      Comment by Galen De Young on August 31, 2009

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    • Galen / Mike –

      Thank you so much for including our blog (MLT Creative) and for compiling a list of so many other great B2B blogs.



      Comment by Patrick Maness on August 31, 2009

    • Thank you for this – a fantastic resource for any B2B marketer. Here’s hoping the Clear Thought blog makes it onto your list next year. We focus on small businesses, with an emphasis on sales funneling. We’re only eight months in to blogging proper, will certainly take inspiration from this group of true leaders:

      Comment by Bryony Thomas on August 31, 2009

    • Thanks man. Hey — what do you think about whipping up a badge for listees? I’d be happy to add it to our sites w/ link. — Red

      Comment by Rebekah Donaldson on August 31, 2009

    • Great idea! Thanks. We’ll get one together.

      Comment by Galen De Young on August 31, 2009

    • Great list! Thanks for putting this together, it’s a fantastic resource. I found a fair few I wasn’t aware of.

      Comment by Steve Woods on August 31, 2009

    • Kudos to the team, Great job Galen and Mike, Thank you.

      John Pinto

      Comment by John on August 31, 2009

    • Thanks, Red, for the idea! We’ve now posted two different badges you can use to place on your site if your blog is listed above. You can click on the link above or go here to get a badge

      Comment by Galen De Young on September 1, 2009

    • Thanks Galen and Mike! It’s great to have an updated list – lots of good stuff out there. Appreciate your efforts – and our badge is up!

      Comment by Cris Rominger on September 1, 2009

    • Thanks for putting Brain Vibe on the list!

      And, thanks for the overall list. I’ve got new places to check out.


      Comment by Michele on September 1, 2009

    • Fantastic. Thanks for ths suggestion!

      Comment by Galen De Young on September 1, 2009

    • Fantastic list Galen. I’m honored to be included. Thanks

      Comment by Joe Pulizzi on September 1, 2009

    • Thanks for include my blog on media and marketing in your impressiv list of B2B Marketing Blogs …
      btw., the blog is bi-lingual EN/DE ..

      Comment by Hugo E. Martin on September 3, 2009

    • Shame I didn’t see this earlier. This is our B2B marketing blog.

      We only recently started this blog but we have had a large number of visitors and lots of positive comments and feedback.

      I hope it’s of use to some of you and there’s plenty more to come.

      Comment by Jim on September 3, 2009

    • Thanks, Hugo. We’ve changed it on the list to indicate it’s bilingual.

      Comment by Galen De Young on September 4, 2009

    • I am working with marketing in Denmark and is searching for inspiration in the digital world. Thanks for inspiration

      Comment by Anders Online Marketing on September 5, 2009

    • Great list, though I would like to see the blogs listed have fresh content. Several of the ones I have scanned through haven’t written anything within the last few months. Several haven’t written anything since January or late 2008.

      Comment by Bryan on September 5, 2009

    • Great list! Thanks for putting this together, it’s a fantastic resource. I found a fair few I wasn’t aware of.

      Comment by gbiz on September 7, 2009

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    • Gee, thanks! How wonderful of you to go to all this trouble and make life so much easier for others. I will use this info when I launch my next book! A great RSS resource, too. GREAT WORK.

      Kristin Zhivago

      Comment by Kristin Zhivago on September 18, 2009

    • How about adding “Follow the Lead” –

      Launched in Sept 2009 and already has interviews with a great list of contributors including…

      Scott Holden, Director of Product Marketing, SFDC
      Jim Dickie, Managing Director of CSO Insights
      Jill Konrath, Author of Selling to Big Companies
      Brian Carroll, Author of Lead Generation and the Complex Sale
      Brian Schwedelson, Corporate VP WorldData
      Ron Karr, author of Lead, Sell or Get out of the Way

      Just a suggestion.

      Comment by Matthew Lloyd on September 23, 2009

    • Galen, thanks for the nod to my blog. Congrats on pulling together a very comprehensive and relevant list.

      Comment by Andrew on September 26, 2009

    • [...] [...]

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    • Great B2B blog lists. Thanks for listing these resources together.

      Comment by wholesale buyers on September 29, 2009

    • Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

      Comment by Online Stock Trading on September 29, 2009

    • Hi, Jim

      Looks like a good blog ( ). It started off good in May, but hasn’t had any posts since July. One of the criteria we use for evaluating blogs for the list, especially for young blogs, is a demonstrated dedication to posting. Too many young blogs start with good intentions, only to fall off later. If you start posting again on a regular basis for a while, please send us a message to take another look. Thanks.


      Comment by Galen De Young on October 7, 2009

    • hi folks:
      sharon drew morgen here.
      my blog is

      it’s currently around 10 on the top 100 sales/marketing sites, and my work is firmly routed in the B2B category. i write 5x/week, and at least 4 per week devoted to promoting other b2b professionals or articles on my b2b collaborative decision making model, Buying Facilitation(R). i’m the author of the NYTimes Bestseller Selling with Integrity and the new book Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it.
      what would need to happen to include me in your listing?
      thanks folks.

      Comment by SharonDrew Morgen on October 20, 2009

    • I recommend you add to your list of B2B websites. Great woman using her Buying Facilitation method to assist the buying decision process.

      Comment by Shawn Dibble on October 20, 2009

    • An amazing effort – thanks! If I may make a suggestion? The list appears to have one voice from the Inbound Marketing Automation world, that of HubSpot. An excellent choice – one of the best. I’d humbly like to suggest our blog. Been active since July and it offers a more comprehensive picture of this emerging trend.

      Comment by Eric Goldman on November 11, 2009

    • Yikes.
      Makes me feel insignificant.
      Maybe Velocity needs to niche out a bit.

      Comment by Doug - Velocity, B2B Marketing Agency on November 16, 2009

    • [...] It was the end of March this year that I started this blog to provide B2B marketers with what the Proteus B2B Marketing Blog so accurately described as “down to earth help for B2B marketing efforts.” [...]

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    • [...] I hope this doesn’t come across as false humility, but I was surprised to learn that I made the 2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs. The list was developed by Proteus B2B Marketing, a top B2B agency according to BtoB [...]

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    • it is a good list. Hope my blog will be a part of it soon ;)

      Comment by B2B Trade on December 7, 2009

    • [...] Liste de blogues spécialisés en marketing B2B établie par Proteus Marketing. [...]

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    • Awesome list. Would be great to also see some Sales Enablement blogs on here. For example:

      Best regards,

      Comment by Paul on January 5, 2010

    • Great list, thank you for the efforts.


      Comment by Vinod Nambiar on January 7, 2010

    • Galen, I just discovered your list today – what a rich resource! It’s going to take some time to go through it. The exercise will be well worth it, I’m sure.

      I’d like to suggest Hinge’s blog, which has been active for several years and contains (among other things) insights from our ongoing research into professional services marketing.

      Thanks again for this compendium!

      Aaron Taylor, Partner

      Comment by Aaron Taylor on January 21, 2010

    • Hi. We have a pretty fresh blog all about B2B. Hope we make your 2010 list!


      Comment by Fusion B2B on January 25, 2010

    • While we would have loved to have been included, this really is a good list of sites that I frequent regularly. And, this is a fabulous piece of linkbait!

      Comment by Dave on January 26, 2010

    • Oh, and I should probably add that our B2B blog can be found at, and I think you’ll find it also meets your criteria (as many of our blogroll friends appear to, as well).

      Comment by Dave on January 26, 2010

    • Fabulous list! Thanks for the resource!

      Comment by Jan Bolick on February 2, 2010

    • Great list! This post is definitely a bookmark!

      I’d like to add the B@B blog of – for sales leaders and sales pros. New content throughout the week with timely tips to increase sales.

      Comment by Nancy Bleeke

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