Friday, June 4, 2010

Digg loses a third of its visitors in a month: is it deadd? | Technology |

The recommendation site that trailblazed a new generation of sites saw an abrupt drop in unique visitors in April. A blip or a trend? And what can Kevin Rose do about it, if anything? (Updated)

Digg v Twitter v RedditView larger picture Digg saw a dramatic fall in visitors in April compared to Twitter and Reddit. Why?

Back in January 2006 we asked "Will Slashdot be overtaken by Digg?" The idea at the time that the venerable "news for nerds" site could be surpassed in popularity by a two-year-old site didn't seem tenable - until you looked at the numbers. Those showed that Digg was rushing up on Slashdot - and later that year it passed it for pageviews and unique users.

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