Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Branding: "Your brand is your emotional DNA. It’s that feeling a potential customer gets when they have a need and top of mind brings up your name. Your brand and the feeling you give them in the pit of their stomach is what determines whether you get that lead or if they’ll instead go to a competitor. Are you doing everything you can to carve out a positive brand identity? Do you know what a positive brand identity is?

The truth is brands could once be controlled, contrived even. Not so long ago consumers and their voices were fragmented and weak. Big companies could sweep issues under the rug without having to worry about the toll it would take on their brand. However, the birth of blogs, social media and sites like Twitter have banded consumers together, creating a much larger platform for them and a greater need for you to promote a positive brand image. Consumers have demanded that brands become transparent, authentic and that they deliver more value than ever before."
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