Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Customer Service Stats Prove Why Everyone Must Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Shep HykenBy Shep Hyken - Some might find statistics to be boring. Yet sometimes they tell a story, one that is so compelling, that everyone in an organization, from the CEO to the newest employee, must embrace. And, I believe that is the case with the following customer service statistics. Here are some of the latest stats and facts:  » Continue...

Is a Customer Service ROI Provable?

Martin Hill-WilsonBy Martin Hill-Wilson - Is there a plausable ROI To Customer Service? This is a question that has bubbled away for ages and every so often someone has a go at cracking it. The challenge is this. Can they trace a causal link between ‘service excellence’ and some form of ‘money made’ or ‘money saved’?  » Continue...

Online review & customer feedback tip: Don’t leave customers hanging

Kevin StirtzBy Kevin Stirtz - Every day the Internet makes it easier for people to connect. Employees, customers, friends, family, neighbors…you name it. We have more technology than ever before that can help us reach out to people. If we choose to. And that’s a big problem for many businesses. They choose to NOT reach out to customers.  » Continue...

Why Semantic Analysis trumps Sentiment Analysis

Networked InsightsBy Networked Insights - With semantic analysis, you can let the social media speak for itself, revealing to you amazingly accurate and important information that can inform critical decisions.  » Continue...

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