Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My take on Social Media "Experts" as posted on LinkedIn

At one point about 10 years ago I was considered a "pioneer" of social media already having several years of social network development under my belt, had a firm handle on keywords and meta tags for SEO and had fun moderating the flame wars that always ignited in this forum or that one and actually had a system down where I could bait a troll to elicit an angry response in the middle of the night then go back and modify my original post (they couldn't edit once published) then make them look like idiots at dawn when the membership would stagger in with their coffee....hehe (I love the smell of Usenet in the morning connected to the net via dialup on Earthlink or Juno).

Now? I'm at best an observer, pundit or commentator no longer an innovator. I no longer engage Tim O'Reilly in public debates and my cookie based affiliate banner ads no longer bring in 4-5 digit monthly income and I no longer get paid $2,500/mo each to manage client Facebook groups & pages and blog.

Colleges are churning out MBA's in Social Commerce or Search Marketing and behavioral targeting has been replaced by geo targeting. I'm 52, not ready to retire and live off the trust left by my father who loyally worked for Kodak for 36 years and sold every one of his 200 chemical patents to the company for $1.00 each in exchange for the promise of a healthy retirement package.

The times have changed. I found my 8 track of "Peter Frampton Comes Alive" a while back and the Class of '76 had it's 35th reunion this summer and shook their heads at the visions of medical pot clinics popping up all over and raised devil horned fists in honor of the dearly departed Ronnie James Dio.

"Expert" is a fleeting term for all of us....I was an expert skier at one time and on the US Ski Team Talent Squad for Lake Placid in 1980 and now stick to blue squares and I praise the inventor of Viagra but not yet Rogaine (knock on wood).

I watch everything, comment on less and less and am amazed that in only 2.5 years I can buy in Sun City and start wearing my belt just below my armpits and have dinner at 4:00pm. It's natural, inevitable and yesterday's "pong" expert is all but forgotten.

Later....(puff puff cough)


Posted via email from SGB Media Group