Monday, December 19, 2011

CMO's Year End Specials

The 2011 CMO's Guide To The Social Landscape (
These days, marketing channels, platforms, and tools that lack a social component are probably doomed to failure.'s second annual downloadable guide will help you determine which ones are a must in your marketing strategy.
10 Great Expectations: What CEOs Want From Their CMOs (
CEOs have always held their CMOs to high standards, but in this day and age, marketing accountability has never been more intense. What does it take to please the boss?
10 Tips For Building Your Next-Gen Marketing Team (
From choosing a chief digital officer, to opening your eyes to talent in new places, to incenting employee innovation, these suggestions--and more--will help CMOs build a forward-thinking team of top-notch marketers.
10 Details CMOs Overlook (But Shouldn't) (
With so many issues on a CMO's plate, it's no wonder a few things slip by. Unfortunately, those under-the-radar issues can come screaming into view if not properly managed.
Special Report: The 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook ( of Digital Agencies)
The Society of Digital Agencies' "Digital Marketing Outlook" report explores a multitude of topics that make it clear the era of integrated marketing is very much here. More than 600 CMOs, agency executives, and digital media technologists were surveyed for the report, rolled out over four weeks in the form of 25 insightful articles designed to inspire, validate your thinking, and fuel action.
10 Ways Your Brand Can Be Meaningful (
Consumers want to feel they're part of something that makes the world a better place. Marketers who fail to realign their thinking and behavior in the pursuit of meaning will be quickly overtaken by those who do.
Marketing Metrics: The Good, The Bad, And The Irrelevant (
Metrics can be a good news-bad news situation for marketers. They're necessary to gauge our marketing efforts, of course, but picking the wrong ones can be worse than using none at all.
Slide Show: 8 New Technologies Marketers Should Know About Now (
CMOs have at their disposal more new technologies than ever before. And the barriers to entry have never been lower. To help you narrow the field, we have selected eight new technologies--what they are, why now, and what to watch out for--you should be testing or implementing now.
The Positive Effects Of Cause-Related Marketing (
It is getting more difficult for a company to connect with customers and prosper if it doesn't stand for something more than its bottom line. Here, we assemble survey data and expert opinion to give marketers guidance on what consumers expect from companies--and how companies can satisfy those expectations.
Meet Four Marketing Rule-Breakers (
Slavish rule-following can have predictable, dull results--exactly what marketing shouldn't be. Done right, breaking the rules can be liberating and successful. Meet three executives whose marketing risks paid off, plus one whose didn't and cost her her job.

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