Friday, December 2, 2011

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From Canada With Consent: Pending Spam Law Could Cost Marketers Millions (
Regulation that addresses unsolicited electronic commercial messages in Canada comes attached with implications that matter to every U.S. marketer sending electronic messages to, through, or from the Great White North.
Study: Branded Content Spending Higher Than Ever (FOLIO:)
Branded content accounted for 26 percent of overall marketing spend for responding companies, which included Allstate Insurance, Sports Authority, and the University of Mspamaryland.
Third Quarter: Haves Versus Have-Nots (Media Life)
The haves: Online, cable, radio and out of home. The have-nots: Just about everyone else.
2 In 5 Mobile Shoppers Penalize Retailer For Unsatisfactory Site (Marketing Charts)
A full 88% of survey respondents said that the time it takes for the site to load or appear on the screen is an either important or extremely important feature of their mobile shopping experience.
Exclusive: Facebook Marketing Results From 6 Major Brands (ClickZ)
According to Facebook, spending on the following campaigns varied greatly and most included a mix of marketplace and premium ad buys.
2012 Trends: Video Leads Online Ad Growth (eMarketer)
By 2015, video ad spending will reach $7.11 billion, up from $2.16 billion in 2011. In the past year alone, growth was 52.1%.
Is Targeting Killing Content Advertising? (Adweek)
Panelists at this week's Ignition conference also echoed the themes of an earlier panel on digital advertising, in which eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey said that there should be a stronger connection between the ad tech and creative communities.
Disney Seeks to Replace Marketing Chief MT Carney (Exclusive) (TheWrap)
Carney has faced a decidedly rocky path since leaving her New York City-based media planning and strategy firm Naked Communications, and joining Disney in April 2010.
China Will Ban Commercials During TV Dramas As Control Of Media Tightened (Bloomberg)
Television stations may face reprimand or the loss of commercial broadcast rights if they air advertising during the 45-minute episodes.
Tech Marketers To Boost Spending Next Year, Focus On Digital (
In the absence of a financial meltdown, the 274 technology marketing executives and agency professionals who responded to IDG's online survey said that 50.1% of their spending would focus on digital tactics in 2012.
Ziff-Davis - Oct 2011
INSIGHT: Is Technology Killing Creativity? (
Some marketing pros say creativity is more important now than it ever has been in the past; others say every campaign must be crafted with an eye toward analytics, optimization, and ROI mandates. But can't the two disciplines co-exist--or even complement each other?
The CMO.COM INTERVIEW: Alcatel-Lucent's Allison Cerra (
In her new book, launched earlier this week, Allison Cerra examines how technology is changing the way people perceive their relationships and define themselves. It turns out that the same technology affects different people in different ways, depending on their stage of life. Cerra explains what it all means for marketers.
ASK THE HEADHUNTER: Do You Sell What I Need? (
I've seen resumes that run 12 pages--and every page is important and worth reading. In marketing, companies struggle with keeping the message short, focused, and meaningful. But when it comes to selling yourself, sometimes short comes up, well, short.
BRAND ACTIVATOR: Owned Media: Making Your Customer More Successful (
The most "activated" brands in any category typically are ones that do the best job of making their customer/prospect audiences more successful--and not just by selling them products. As a case in point, consider our client, PR Newswire.

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