Friday, March 2, 2012

Amplify/Clipmarks Now Clipboard

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Image via CrunchBase
If some of you are wondering what happened to your aggregate blog on Amplify well, it's gone. I'm not exactly sure when it went down but here's what I got when I tried to access mine:

Amplify is shutting down immediately. We’ve had a wonderful run and we are grateful to everyone for taking the journey with us.
We’ve arranged for all of our users to be granted Clipboard accounts, which we believe is the best place for you to continue clipping the Web. Our existing users will receive an invitation by email, but anyone else can request an invitation directly at
Clipboard will hold Amplify’s databases in trust and if there is sufficient interest they will provide a migration tool to import Amplify clips into Clipboard.
Please visit the Clipboard Blog for more information about this news.
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