Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Hobo's Lament Part II

So we have had a series of collaborative hobo meetings out here perched high above "The Donald's" memorial on the coast this week. Each of the unnamed hobo delegates on this own libation of different varieties which made communications akin to the tower of babble but through it all we emerged firmly united and resolved. None of us likes the prospect of ever getting a "J-O-B" as if anyone would hire us to begin with. The king hobo spent the week dialing through his vintage Rolodex es but has slowed down in his advancing age and dwindling health now resorting to a new single phone mode as opposed to his previous "dual handset" mode but he managed to get funding commitments on some side projects for about 250k and one could see the spark ignite like lightning in the middle of the desert night sky and hobo #2 bummed a ride out for the pow wow. I as the hobo traffic director kept the internet wires open and acted as the liaison with the "normie world". Not too sure I fool too many out there in the real world but it's pretty easy to blend in with the hookers, drunks and junkies along the waterfront of San Pedro. WE discussed "old school" loyalties and traditions long lost on the current generation and made a pact amongst ourselves to reaffirm and ratify the continuation of handling our affairs by the old ethics, redistributed so asset ts between our group and simply shook on our agreements, the way it used to be.

"If you need a partnership agreement or nondisclosure agreement with your business partners, well, then the Hobos unanimously agree that you should question your entering into business with that person.""
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