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Confronting the Youth Employment Crisis With a Global Opportunity Marketplace

LOS ANGELES, CA and NEW YORK, NY and WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2012) - New Global Opportunity Marketplace ("GO") aims to tackle the youth unemployment crisis by connecting the next generation of talent with opportunities to build businesses, careers and find work anywhere in the world. 

One billion young people are entering the workforce according to the International Labour Office. The youth bulge is sending this enormous pool of emerging talent into struggling economies worldwide, and thus, many are unemployed, stuck, frustrated, even driven to rebellion. 

The founders of Young & Successful Media (Y&S) and GATE Global Impact have formed a partnership to build a Global Opportunity Marketplace ("GO") and global community of young leaders to address this challenge head on. The idea: connect ambitious young people with a world of opportunity to engage, inspire, employ and encourage entrepreneurial ventures.

Through the Global Opportunity Marketplace YSN and GATE Global Impact will deliver a platform that will:

  • Amplify the voice to young people around the world who are succeeding in creating economies, societies, and opportunities for themselves and their peers
  • Unlock access to the content, tools, knowledge-sharing, and just-in-time resources to those seeking new options and career guidance
  • Promote and support the professional goals, new discoveries and ideas, innovative products and services from every corner of the globe
  • Fuel aspirations that will transform economies and societies through mentoring, engagement, and networks of peers, experts, and the best minds of public and private sector leaders

"My goal since 1993 has been to support and engage youth in over 150 countries to fulfill their ambitions, aspirations, and dreams. Where most see hardship, we see opportunity and potential and that's a more positive, proactive, entrepreneurially inspired message we want to share with our peers around the world," says Jennifer Kushell, CEO of Y&S Media in announcing the GO Marketplace.

"I have a deepened awareness of the crisis, the challenge, and most importantly of promise and potential to spark thousands of opportunities because of our work with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the Department of State's Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) in our partnership for the Enterprise Development Network," stated Vince Molinari, CEO of GATE Global Impact.

The GO Marketplace will form strategic alliances with a broad range of domestic and global corporate, philanthropic and government youth-focused leaders as content, technical, and engagement solution partners to help this marketplace, and young talent around the world, in fulfilling their full potential. 

Young & Successful Network Media is driven by a singular goal: transform, empower, and give a 'voice' to the youth around the world. Young & Successful Media and its flagship site (your success network), were founded to support the needs of the billion young people entering the global workforce. Young & Successful Media aims to produce life changing products, content and campaigns that inspire people to shake up their status quo and spring into action. The focus is personal exploration, professional development, career success. Young & Successful Media caters to individuals directly through the site, and works with organizations and companies of all sizes through strategic consulting, special projects, bulk product sales and partnerships. attracts and supports young leaders, entrepreneurs and students from over 160 countries and aspires to construct the first Global Opportunity Marketplace to offer the emerging global workforce unprecedented access to launch and build their careers anywhere in the world.

The mission of GATE Global Impact is to fulfill the increasing global demand for market infrastructure that enables capital to identify and transact in investments that provide a sustainable social and/or environmental benefit and financial return. GATE has created a centralized electronic marketplace to facilitate the transactions of Impact focused investment products and has developed a utility that provides efficiency, transparency, liquidity and education that enables the transaction processes in a variety of markets. GATE provides an end-to-end solution inclusive of information, performance metrics, settlement and clearance. These markets include private equity, private debt, microfinance and environmental credits. GATE Global Impact ultimately believes they will have a positive influence by providing investors and entrepreneurs a regulatory compliant marketplace to interact allowing for future job creation and stimulating economic growth. Visit GATE Global Impact on the web at:


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