Friday, May 27, 2011

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups & Pages vs Forum Formats

I have always been a fan of LinkedIn and last year I started a dozen "Groups" on their platform with moderate to good results although member engagement is only one notch above the lackluster member engagement I get from my Facebook groups and pages. I post in the Facebook groups and pages much more than I do in the LinkedIn groups so I'm going to redirect the bulk of my energies in the 3rd quarter toward the LinkedIn Groups and see what kind of increased member postings I can encourage by doing so. I think people have too much information coming at them is a major part of why they don't become more active. I also thinks that the chronological "wall" styles of both maker it hard for subtopics to be segregated as compared to the old standard phpBB or vBulletin style fixed thread "forum" format which is still going strong even though they've been around for 15 years or so having replaced the old Usenet or Yahoo & Google group email lists.
I am in the process of setting up a comprehensive social media campaign for Golden Seeds Game Company, Inc. and I will create all of the above and track the anyalytics for the next 180 days in 30 day increments and report my findings. That just reminded me of yet another platform to toss in there to track as well...blogs. I get marginal at best blog post comments and I attribute that largely to the fact that most of my blogs are "aggregators" with little original content so I'll only post original content in the GSGC blog and see if we can't incite more blog post comments. (hint...can I get a few comments to this post?).'
This shall be interesting I think.